Valley of the Moon

There’s a funky old children’s attraction in Tucson that was started by a nice man in the 40’s as an enchanted place for kids. He made a magic snake out of oatmeal canisters and was re-using materials way before it was trendy. I was fascinated by the story and hence this song…

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In a hole out in the desert
On his makeshift mossy throne
The wizard gnome eats milk and berries
And looks out on the world he’s grown
Crumbling towers of lunar lava
An empty stage of fairy ruins
Fascination sleeps beneath them
In the Valley of the Moon

Rising, wincing for the journey
To find out where the young ones have gone
With moving pictures of his madness
And the mockingbird’s refrain
Rising up from his kind kingdom
Up a stair of limestone bones
Gray eyes peek out oer the edge
Into a land he’s never known

Giant blocks so cold and steely
Klaxon jeers and asphalt roars
Children tethered, glassly standing
Playing pixelated wars
Soldiers in the brutal killing
Of their own ancient innocence
Blind to all the glowing stories of a wizard’s seventh sense.

Come ring round, I’ll tell a story
Of magic snakes and rabbit princes.
Banish all the cynic doubters
Or better yet teach them to smile.

Limping back oer electric fields
Bent by the mockingbird’ heartbreak
Changeling melodies that measure
Every aching step he takes
Until he comes back to the chasm
Where a lonely wildflower blooms
Sighing, sinking down the stone steps
To the Valley of the Moon.

Come ring round, I’ll tell a story
Of stardust webs and caves of terror
Banish all the cynic doubters
Or better yet teach them to dream.

High above, blue eyes sparkling
Sees a land she’s never know
Strokes the wildflower’s petals sweetly
Humming her own changeling tune
As she climbs into the Valley of the Moon.

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