creative focus

Drawing by Jessica Abel

When you juggle day job and music (especially if you enjoy more than one music project), it's a challenge to keep things going. There's gigs to book and rehearsals (to power through after a…

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happy birthday, cyril!

Today's the birthday of a dear friend we lost way too soon, Cyril Barrett (also known as Larry). He is to this day one of my few models of total integrity as a person and an artist. He was…

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SCX at PsychOut 3!!

I'm in a band. It's with my husband, Jamie, and it's called Silver Cloud Express. We used to be The Modeens, a band we'd formed during our years in Venice Beach and migrated to Tucson just about ten years…

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marvin gaye and what some executives don't understand

Did you know that the record label HATED "What's Going On?", the seminal masterpiece put out by Marvin Gaye and co-written by Four Tops member Renaldo "Obie" Benson  in the wake of police brutality against anti-war protestors?  Barry Gordy of…

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across time: before & after

Across Time is another tune I wrote with my dad, Tom Williams. It was the first time since he taught me to play guitar when I was 10 that we actually collaborated on a song. I love to geek…

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little pieces of string

One of my recent songs, "Across Time", is actually a collaboration with my Dad. The first verse is "This is me, across time. I have changed. I've lost, then I've gained my little pieces of string." And…

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saguaro spring

Shot of this month's calendar photo (from my trusty Sierra Club calendar that I get as a donor) with one of the feather totems from Daddy. He collects feathers and then turns it into wearable art inspired by Native American…

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Blue and the Desert Spiny Bunch

Got some questions about ol' blue from the newsletter I sent yesterday. Here's some fun facts:

  • He's the patriarch of a large lizard dynasty living in our walled-in backyard.
  • He's a Desert Spiny Lizard (Sceloporus magister) native to…
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our minds... (a tinypost)

Something that came to me as I was lying in bed last night:

Our minds can play the hero, the victim AND the villain.

(Turns out this is referred to as the Karpman triangle, or the drama…

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