the stray guitar that followed you home

Here’s a guest blog from my dear ol’ dad, Tom Williams. It’s his fault that I play guitar at all, and he’s also quite the teacher (taught high school History among other things) and story teller, so I asked him

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thank you, cyril

It’s been very sad for a big chunk of the Tucson music community as well as many, many other people around the world. Songwriter, musician, carpenter, campfire cook and friend, Cyril Barrett, sings no more.

Photo by Krista

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silent songbird: an ode to linda ronstadt

I felt a cold wave pass through me when I saw the headline. “Linda Ronstadt has retired from singing due to Parkinson’s disease.” Even after a long career fully documented with almost 30 albums in styles from rock to…

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the september tease

September is an odd month here in the desert. Every blog title or magazine article you come across on the interwebs talks of crisp breezes and the prospect of changing leaves. Here we are still waiting to say goodbye to…

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monsoon melodies and maladies

This is the part of the Sonoran summer you don’t get to see unless you stick around. Hang tough through that hot dry heat. Though you can’t blame fellow desert dwellers for skipping out – it’s a good time to…

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