New music! New website! New, new, new!

As you know, I've been gestating some new music for a while (a good LONG while), pondering and tweaking and still waiting to pull the trigger. But the time is now! Maybe it’s the monsoon season, building up that sense of urgency with its lightning storms and torrential rains that finally propelled me to push these tunes out into the world. 

Yes, after so much time hinting and hemming and hawing, I have some NEW songs and a NEW website to show for it! I love how this site feels like a real home for this new side of my music I’ve been brewing for years. To check out the first new songs, just click that lil ol' player at the bottom of your window to start a playlist (that stays on as you click around the site!) 

Of course, I didn’t do this alone. 

There’s an amazing group of musicians who helped me bring these four new songs into the world. Jamie Laboz, my partner in life and music, most associated with raw rock n roll energy, channeled some gorgeous soul into his guitar parts and his unerring direction as producer, snatching these songs out of the ether of my mind and turning them into real sonic images. Michael P Nordberg on drums and Brian Green on bass provided a magical rhythm section as well as stalwart friendship and encouragement that inspire me so much every time we play together. 

Matt Rendon of Midtown Island Studios was the wizard behind the console in his concrete ‘cave’ who captured the fabric of these songs and wove them into a rich, warm sonic tapestry. 

As for the site itself, digital diva Delaney Gibson of CCXA put together a website that feels so in tune with my self, incorporating the fabulous photos by Jimi Giannatti. This woman knows how to dial into your vibe and help you capture it in an authentic visual language. 

And last but certainly not least, there's my dad, Tom Williams, the one who started this whole mess by teaching me the ways of the troubador when I was knee high to a grasshopper and ruining me for normal life forever. I am proud to say two of the new songs are collaborations with him: Bamboo and Roses, a song he first wrote back in 1971, and Across Time, a song that started life as one of his signature stream of consciousness email poems that he’ll send every now and again. Daddy, thank you for never letting me forget my priorities - that music is far more important than homework (or day job work). 

Thanks to all yall for helping me get my act together and being so patient with my dragging feet. New is scary. New is full of uncertainty. But new is exciting, because so much has changed for me over the years and it’s a huge kick in the ass to finally represent where I am and who I am right here, right now, with you.


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