bring back the jam

I was reading a recent post by Austin Kleon, in praise of mediocrity, when I felt a chord struck hard, deep inside. He was quoting author Tim Wu who was bemoaning the  lack of hobbies in modern times due to our dogged…

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Bamboo and Roses (live demo)

By request (ie, various requests from Daddy every time I've called home over many months : ), I made a live video of me playing his song "Bamboo and Roses". I've had a long history with this song (which you

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1 Riff a Day Challenge

Ever since September 1st, I've been participating in one of those online "post-one-x-every-day-for-y-days" challenges on Instagram (@cristinaawilliams) and it's been absorbing the spare time I had been trying to set aside for blog writing (or writing or most any other…

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new bunny on the block

I've chronicled our urban wilderness experiences in our backyard a few times already. The front yard is a different experience altogether. We don't 'hang out' in the front yard (not many people do anymore - used to be folks would…

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