what could be simpler right now?

Horoscopes to me are more like that idea of holding a question in your mind, then opening a book at a random page and blindly pointing to passage to find your answer. If the writer is interesting, then you're bound to find an interesting message or a sudden click of neurons inspiring an answer to some inward puzzle. It may not be magic per se, but it still has it's uses .

Lately, I've been checking out the horoscope of the week by naimonu james - I've completely forgotten whose random Instagram post led me her way. But I like the way she writes. Anyhoo, this week's reading of my sun sign, Cancer, could probably apply to all of us - but in my juggling madness, it's definitely calling to me right now:

while you work, where could there be more ease? what could be simpler right now? what small details could make a big difference in allowing you to flow day to day with less stress? where have you spread yourself too thin?

Um, where have I not spread myself too thin? That's a hard one to answer. but I've been trying to be more open to ease vs the Catholic martyrdom I'm much more used to. Combined with the Protestant work ethic our country is famous for. But the pendulum might be swinging the other way. Now I'm seeing more and more slogans like: Get more done by doing less. Work smarter, not harder.

Well that would be quite the magic trick. But I'm intrigued.


Illustration by E Schlemo

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