every damn day

Gratuitous sunset picture from our backyard

Just read this blog post about having an 'Every Damn Day' list and I really liked this idea! I mean, I have my WHOPPING list of all the things I WANT to get done every day. Then I have the more realistic list of stuff that I can get done on a good day (or a not-so-good day if I really push myself).

But then there are those days. You know the ones. You've come down with something, things have been crazy and you're exhausted, there's a snow-pocalypse or rain-pocalypse or even an actual apocalypse or heck, it's just one of those days. If you have a handy dandy Every Damn Day list of the absolute smallest gestures you can make towards what makes you feel better about your life, then it doesn't have to be a total wash!

She divides them into categories:

  • Makes your space feel nicer
  • Makes you feel healthier
  • Makes you feel like you're doing better emotionally
  • Makes you feel on top of your life!

Cool, huh?

I started making one and then already tripped up on some of the 'rules': no more than 5 or 6 things and they should be super simple, nothing that takes 15 minutes or more to do. Again, this is your baseline, bare minimum showing-up-for-yourself stuff.

So I let go of that dang turbo mentality and kept it simple. I tried to make these little actions that I could even do if I'm traveling (which is usually when I let everything go and then come back home feeling ragged as hell).

So here's my list (and it's only FOUR, yall!):

  • Space feel nicer: Make sure all the dishes are washed and the sink is empty. If I'm traveling, it translates to keeping my bathroom sink area tidy. 
  • Feel healthier: Eat at least three servings of veggies (I think I can make that happen away from the house, we'll see)
  • Feel better emotionally: Meditate for at least 5 deep breaths
  • Make me feel on top of my life: Play or write music. This can even be just singing a song to myself.

Even just writing this down made me feel SO much calmer just now. Give it a try!

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