Credit: Piotr Krzeslak

I guess I normally keep this blog politics-neutral - though that is certainly not how I run my Facebook page. I like to keep the writing about music, philosophy, the desert and every now and then what I'm actually up to as an artist. I have no problem proclaiming myself a left-leaning progressive Democrat (surprise!) but it seems like everybody gets plenty of noise about our crazy political landscape as it is on their news media of choice.

But what's going on with families being separated due to new STUPID immigration policies is beyond the pale. If you read about this happening in another country - you would think 'how barbaric!' and feel all snug and content that you live in a "good" country. But when I find myself siding with Laura Bush, Dick Cheney and Bill O'Reilly on a topic - you KNOW this is BAD. It's hard to get behind the warehousing of children (even when their parents haven't even broken an actual immigration law). And how anybody can support this AT ALL much less actually defend it publicly is beyond me. 

And you just feel like DOING something. So if you find yourself wondering how to help make this a tiny bit better for some of the families suffering under this insane regime, first of all REGISTER TO VOTE AND THEN ACTUALLY VOTE. Second, here's a good summary article about this whole mess and some great organizations helping fight it. With all the uproar on both sides of the aisle, I can't imagine it standing for long. But every minute a young child is separated from their family and stranded with no care is a minute too long.


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