it's Hard Work 


"there's a hole in my pocket, and it's leaking stars" 

You know that feeling when you realize the person you dreamed you'd be by now never quite got born? The courageous hero who saved the day? The shining diva who graced the giant stage? Anything but the day-to-day life you're seeing stretched out in front of you? When you know there are stars inside you waiting to burst forth into the world, there's more YOU in there somewhere. 

But it's hard work to turn this boat around at this stage in the journey. Even just taking those little tiny steps to make a change seems too much. And even if you take them, you'll probably just fall on your ass in the process, in front of the world. But maybe you can get up again. Just one more time. Each time. And keep going. Because it's Hard Work for all of us and we're all in this together. 

There's a hole in my pocket and it's leaking stars 
One for each dream that never made it far 
And all I can do is watch them as they slowly slip away. 

It's a car full of memories, trying to run me down 
Pedal to the metal, but I stood my ground 
I stopped, turned around, stare into the double-barrel light 

It's Hard Work to make the wrong things right, yes it is 
It's hard work to get up again and fight. 

Well I could pick up a needle, go find some thread 
One end to the other until it's closed again 
But my hands are too heavy to fix anything today 

Well it's hard work to make the wrong things right, yes it is. 
Well it's hard work to get up again and fight, but you do
Well it's hard work to find your one true light. Yeah, it is. 
Yes it's hard work, to get up again.

Music and lyrics by Cristina Williams

(Photo by Tom Hall)

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