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New ric

It's Ric Day!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I'm about to do something I haven't done in a good long while - pick up a new axe! I know I might be counting my chickens since it is not actually in my house yet, but today I am going to be picking up a new Rickenbacker bass. (!) Now, my relationship with the bass started back around mid-2000s (mid-oughts? what the hell are we calling that period of time between 2000 and 2009 anyway?) when The Modeens were new and we decided I should try playing bass. Jamie got me started off right…

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Anticipation. No wine before its time. The longer you wait, the better it'll be. There are so many aphorisms in human culture related to the virtues of waiting. And we need them now more than ever in this "Distraction Attraction" new world of bleeps, bloops, messages, voicemails, pings, pokes Every Minute Of The Day. 

But I am especially feeling it with these three tracks Jamie and I are working on for Silver Cloud Express - though it's really Jamie shouldering the burden of smelting the basic tracks we…

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one step closer

Here I am staring at a blank screen, wondering. What do you want to hear from me? What do you want me to write about? What can I do for you? Tell you a little about my writing process? (I feel a little 'ding' in my tummy) Ok.

It's something I've been working on for a couple of years now. It all started when I realized that I had hardly written a new song in ages. Daddy would ask me about my latest song and for the longest time I'd have no good answer. Jamie and I would be jamming on some new band songs…

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So this is something interesting I came across - the idea of a Now page. Derek Sivers - the man behind CDBaby and many other Internet ventures who is now more of an international wandering philosophizer - came up with the idea. I'm not sure how far it's spread, but I really like it. I'm doing some website updates soon which will include such a page - but for NOW (heh) here's my crazy jumble of what I'm trying to do:

Silver Cloud Express EP 

Silver Cloud Express is the new band that my hubby, Jamie…

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Old Desert Moon Podcast

Here's another story about a song I recorded last spring at Midtown Island Studios. This one was a bit of a creeper - I was thumbing through my scribblings and scrawlings in one of my notebooks from the year before (I stream a trail of journals and legal pads in my wake) and one random piece of chicken scratch caught my eye:

"Old Desert Moon, I wonder what you think of us below?" 

And I was in a reverie - this iconic Sonoran desert I live in, but in black and white. A landscape of silver under a full…

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"Cactus" Before and After

After posting that new demo of Cactus yesterday, I thought it might be interesting to show Daddy's original words and how they turned out as lyrics. You know, something edumacational.

Also, it gives an idea of how long it can take to put a song out there - at least for me. I just looked up the original email and it was sent February 2016! Here are the words Thomas H. Williams wrote back then (un-edited - Daddy has his own artistic license with spelling and grammar):

"if I wasn't me I'd be…

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it's Hard Work Podcast


"there's a hole in my pocket, and it's leaking stars" 

You know that feeling when you realize the person you dreamed you'd be by now never quite got born? The courageous hero who saved the day? The shining diva who graced the giant stage? Anything but the day-to-day life you're seeing stretched out in front of you? When you know there are stars inside you waiting to burst forth into the world, there's more YOU in there somewhere. 

But it's hard work to turn this boat around at this stage in the…

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Bamboo and Roses Podcast

My dad, Thomas Harrell Williams of Panama Park, Jacksonville, FL wrote this song after he got home from doing his duty in the Vietnam War. He was back living with his parents and was doing gigs at Gigi’s Lounge at the Ramada Inn many a night. He didn’t know it, but he was soon destined to start teaching history, end up in an inner city school and meet a fellow teacher who would change his life forever: a young, beautiful divorcee from Cuba with two young children. It was actually the third time they had…

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