"Cactus" demo

Every now and then, I do a quick video demo of a new song - part of it is to just put it out there, see how folks react, observe any resonance. I don't do this for every new song, just some of the ones that get me more excited than others. The other part is Daddy's relentless nagging : ) He's my first teacher, my biggest fan, and just all around great as a dad and fellow musician He's also stubborn as a pitbull with a bone and when he locks onto an idea, he won't let go. Hence, this particular video demo of another song we wrote together (the first one is "Across Time" which you can listen to here). Confession: even in this age of selfies, instagram stories and unparalleled extrovert-ism, I do not enjoy shooting videos of myself and especially don't enjoy going back and watching them. But Daddy will NOT let up - and it makes me feel like I'm doing something for the song itself - which to me is a living entity that requires love and attention - sooooo I'll keep doing them every now and then.

Here's a little insight into our co-writing process - Daddy sends me an email of stream of consciousness poetry and sometimes I hear a song in there. This song's genesis was my family's last trip to visit us in Tucson and was his love ode to the many wondrous cacti that grow here. I turned it into a love song - showed Daddy - he tweaked it (it used to be a bluegrass-y uptempo) and now we have this. I shot this just in time for Daddy's birthday on the 16th and he liked it. Hope you like it, too!




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