always learning

I'm playing at the local CSA again - every other Wednesday in exchange for the freshest veggies in town! - and I'm working out some fun covers to add to the mix. At a gig like this, it's not so much a listening room as background music. Yknow, folks are usually just coming in, grabbing their veggies and heading back out. So even though I get a good response from my own music, it's cool to break out a tune that makes them smile or get a twinkle in their eye.

At the mo' I'm working 'Kid' back up from an old Cover Up show the Modeens did covering The Pretenders. God I love this song! Ok, it may not be recognizable to everyone, but it'll make _me_ smile! Only this time I'm the only musician playing it. So the rhythm guitar has to do the whole job and filling in enough of the music so you still recognize and like the song - though I won't have Jamie's eloquently beautiful lead guitar. Still it's fun and it's making me learn, which is something I love.

So I'm going to use this biweekly gig to learn some interesting, off the beaten path kind of covers. Maybe some Elvis Costello (Watching the Detectives would be fun, Alison is so beautiful...) or maybe turn a song on its head (like playing a White Stripes or hey, Black Keys song all stripped down, low tempo and breathy). And a cool country classic wouldn't hurt (I've already got Jolene and bringing in Juice Newton's Sweetest Thing from the Sweethearts of the Rodeo show - but maybe some Patsy Cline). It really helps you keep from taking yourself too seriously - and learning a great song makes you a better songwriter and player, hands down!

There's definitely worse ways to grow some new neural pathways, amiright? And hey, you can use that ol' comment box down there and give me suggestions while you're at it! 

A break from learning to take an aerial shot of my prime learning spot.

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