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new bunny on the block

I've chronicled our urban wilderness experiences in our backyard a few times already. The front yard is a different experience altogether. We don't 'hang out' in the front yard (not many people do anymore - used to be folks would…

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when the rain comes

The longing had been building like those clouds on the horizon. A little insistent voice that drones constantly in the back of many Tusconan's minds like a snooze alarm on low: "When? When? When?" When will the rain come?

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summer lilac explosion

That's what it looks like in the front yard right now. Two weeks ago we had our first rain in 100 days and it was drencher. Then this week, the two Texas Ranger shrubs (and their offspring) are exploding with…

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lizard bunch update: the next generation!

Younger desert spiny's are coming into the fold now. Especially Micro, the littles one yet. Jamie is also a great documentarian of this lizard life happening in the suburbs of Tucson and captures the spirit of these unusually social reptiles…

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saguaro spring

Shot of this month's calendar photo (from my trusty Sierra Club calendar that I get as a donor) with one of the feather totems from Daddy. He collects feathers and then turns it into wearable art inspired by Native American…

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Blue and the Desert Spiny Bunch

Got some questions about ol' blue from the newsletter I sent yesterday. Here's some fun facts:

  • He's the patriarch of a large lizard dynasty living in our walled-in backyard.
  • He's a Desert Spiny Lizard (Sceloporus magister) native to…
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