so what's going on?

Well, I'll tell ya!

I'm madly juggling a full-time job (as a scientist wrangler - I'll try to explain that someday), an amazing psych rock band with my hubby, Jamie, called Silver Cloud Express (we're recording and releasing a few songs right now), and then going through the second phase of my solo songs, which involves demo'ing existing songs in my backlog while (slowly) writing new ones, then putting down tracks that I'll send to Jamie to perform his sonic wizardry on, etc, etc. All while trying to be a decent partner, friend, daughter, sister, aunt and fellow artist to those special people in my life.

And now I'm adding a daily blog to the mix! Well, not quite daily - more like Monday through Friday (I do like my weekends un-fettered by routine).

Have I finally (finally? hm) gone mad? Who wants to read a musician's self-indulgent drivel every day? Aside from my parents? I actually don't know. What I do know is that there's something grounding about publishing these bits of flotsam and jetsam from my mind at the beginning of the day. It connects me - alone, ever sitting at my desk, with the Great Digital Out-There. And it encourages me to actually have things to write about (like upcoming gigs, new songs and Daddy's constant requests for new video demos of those new songs). 

But most importantly, it makes me feel good.

It's funny...I drag my feet in the hour before I have to start the day job, kinda dreading the gauntlet before me. What am I writing about today? I have ideas of things listed in my Evernote, but when ass is in chair and the clock is ticking, a slight panic sets in. Then I start typing something and lo and behold, eventually there's a post. I edit it til I can smile while reading it and hit "Publish". 

Then I'm golden the rest of the day.

For whatever reason, I feel like I've done something towards my dharma. Or something like that. And the beauty of it is no one really needs to read all of these posts unless they actually check my website every day (Hi, Daddy!) I do have a weekly email that I send out that will link to some of the better posts, so if you want to get a curated digest, just add your email address to the form here.

In the meantime, if you have some suggestions or requests about stuff for me to write about, go ahead and leave it in the comments. There is absolutely no guarantee I'll do it, but you never know. When that slight morning panic sets in, you could just save my digital bacon. 

Ok, enough navel gazing. Tomorrow I'll get back to writing about music, my heroes, guitars, flea markets, whatever.

Thanks for reading these words and hope you have an awesome day!

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